Are We There Yet??

Being in Victoria has no doubt been a pretty hard road over the last few months. Lockdown has affected everyone differently. Some businesses and families have cruised through, enjoying their extra time together being confined to one house – others have found it really difficult.
There is no doubt that running a business during lockdown, being a teacher during remote learning and juggling the usual stresses of life has been a challenge for everyone.

There has been frustration at our leadership, there has been anger at the lack of assistance for some businesses and there has been businesses that have simply thrown their hands in the air and closed up. Some businesses have fallen through the cracks where a small minor detail has deemed them ineligible for many grants and financial assistance.

Regardless of how you coped with the lockdown – there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are slowly opening up again and have to be commended for the hard yards that have been put in by those willing to commit to the cause. This pandemic is a killer and with everyone pulling together the way that we have is just phenomenal. Being one of the most strictest lockdowns in the world has forced us to look at our businesses differently and some have had to adapt to a new style of business. Moving online may not have been in the business plan, but when forced to change – businesses outdid themselves. The little one-man-band going online to sell because they HAD to has pushed them out of their comfort zone and into a brave new world.

So – stand up and be proud Victoria. Corona Virus is not going away in a hurry and it will resurface in Victoria – but we know that if we keep it contained and managed, we will not have to go through another severe lockdown. If you need help with getting back on track, investigating possible grants or assistance with your accounts, please contact us for help.

Stay safe Australia.

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