Change is OK

Many people fret when change occurs. Change can be stressful for many reasons, and is a normal part of life. But if change can be managed correctly it does NOT have to be a stressful time in your life.

One situation that many employers find stressful and time-consuming is the training of new staff. Many do not have any processes in place and just hope that the new staff member is clued up enough to hit the ground running and magically know everything there is to know. This is not ideal and often causes a lot of stress for the new employee.

To make this transition much easier for everyone involved it is vital to have correct processes and procedures in place for such situations. When a staff member has been with the company for a long period, then much of their work is second nature with tasks becoming automatic. These staff are such an asset to the company and can provide so much assistance and knowledge to new employees. So when a long-term employee leaves often the everyday tasks stop happening in the same way and chaos soon becomes the norm.

The perfect solution to this is to use that experience and document everything. Ideally a time should be set aside regularly to keep process documents up to date. An instruction manual or process documentation does not need to be complicated. But it does need to exist!

Staff changes can cause the company to become vulnerable – mistakes happen when change is not managed well. Calculated Accounts can help set up a process and documentation to assist in such a change. Please contact us to find out how we can help you and work through a solution that is suited to your particular situation. You may have recently lost a long-term employee or you have a high staff turn-over that effects your day to day processes. Let us help you get organised and streamline these changes.

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