Compliance in a different light..

If we start talking about compliance I can guarantee most business owners will either run in the other direction as fast as they can OR their eyes will glaze over.

A lot of people treat compliance like that “dark scary shadow” in your bedroom – if you just close your eyes and forget about it, it will go away. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The beauty is however that you do NOT need to be so stressed or scared of it. Most business owners are not Bookkeepers or Accountants and simply don’t want to know about their ATO reporting or certifying their workcover. And that is seriously OK – these business owners should be running their business and making money doing what they enjoy.

However – they DO need to understand that compliance will not go away and there are people out there really wanting to help them. At Calculated Accounts, we take each business on a case by case basis and look at what needs done and when. We can manage your BAS lodgments. We can manage your Portable Long Service Leave reporting. We can manage your debtors. This is OUR business.

So – businesses need to take a leap of faith and employ the services of a qualified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent to do all of the “stuff” they don’t want to do (or have left for too long and they’re scared to think about). Please spread the word to other businesses that you know – ask the question “Are you compliant” – Compliance is not a dirty word! It’s simply an obligation that businesses do not want to face.

Let us take that stress away. We will get you up to date if you are behind and keep you up to date and compliant. If you have a debt with the ATO, we can organise a manageable payment plan that suits your budget.

Contact us to deal with your “dark scary shadow” and get you back on track once and for all. This is what we love to do!

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