More JobKeeper changes!

This is a strange world at the moment and no sooner have we got our heads around something that it all changes.

The perfect example of this currently is JobKeeper. We’ve had Jobkeeper 1.0, JobKeeper 2.0 is planned for October and JobKeeper 3.0 is planned for January. So what are we referring to the recent changes in JobKeeper 1.0? We’ve decided to go with JobKeeper 1.1 to cover the summary of changes below.

Eligible Employees for JobKeeper 1.0 had to have been employed as of the 1st March 2020 as Part or Full timers OR had been regular and systematic Casuals for a full 12mths. As of the ATO Fortnight 10 (payments made from 3rd August to 16th August) the eligibility date has now moved to the 1st July. This now allows the new employees to become eligible for JobKeeper 1.1. The process needs to be clear – send the newly eligible employees a Nomination Form to ensure they wish to receive it, then register them via your STP enabled software immediately.

Any top-ups that have not yet been made to these newly eligible employees must be paid by the 31st August and reported accordingly to the ATO.

Please remember that business owners do not need to go through all this confusion and change alone. There is help out there and as BAS Agents, we are qualified to provide advice on this program and other potential assistance for you.

For full details on the JobKeeper program and the changes, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or peruse the ATO website here. We are able to contact the ATO on your behalf if needed and get you the help you need quickly.

Stay Safe and remember – we’re all in this together so don’t do it alone!

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