Need extra time for ATO lodgments?

If you employ the services of a Registered BAS Agent you may get an extra month for lodging your quarterly BAS.

Depending on your business structure and how the ATO want you to report will make a big difference on the management of your time for compliance work. If you are a small sole trader you may only have to report quarterly for all your GST and employees PAYG. However, as you grow you may be required to report monthly on your GST, PAYG and even your PAYG Income Tax instalments.

Calculated Accounts can manage this for you. If you utilise the services of a registered BAS Agent you can receive an extra month to lodge your Activity Statements. This is obviously not the case if you are a monthly reporter, however if you are at this point in your business – then you will certainly be big enough to require the services of a Bookkeeper and BAS Agent to ensure all your compliance requirements are met.

It’s not too late to contact us to ensure you are getting the best services possible when it comes to ATO compliance. We will contact them on your behalf and deal with all their hold music for you!

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