New Victorian Portable Long Service Leave

Commencing the 1st July 2019 Victoria introduced a Portable Long Service Leave for Community Service workers, Cleaners and workers in the Security industry. This brings them in line with a similar system called Co-Invest which has been operating since 1976 for workers in the Construction Industry.

But what is Portable Long Service Leave? To explain this, lets first look at the Long Service Leave that is common for long-time employees of a business.

If you are an employee for a company for over 7 years you are able to utilise Long Service Leave. This is calculated in a certain way, but basically allows you approx two months of leave after 10 years of service. This is pro-rated for use after 7 years.

Now – think about the industries where you are very unlikely to remain with the same business for such a long period of time. For instance, in the Construction Industry you may be employed for a certain project – then move onto another employer for another project. You may only stay with one employer for 5 or 6 months.
This seems unfair that these employees do not get the same benefits as a person employed by the same business for the long term.

So what Co-Invest did way back in 1976 was ensure that every employer lodged details of who worked for them and for how long. Co-Invest retained this information as the employee moved between jobs, so after their 7 or 10 years service they also could receive the benefit of Long Service Leave. This type of Long Service Leave is considered PORTABLE as it moves with you between roles and is monitored by Co-Invest.

This is exactly what has happened with the Cleaning, Security and Community Services industry in July 2019 in Victoria. Some believe that it will eventually be regulated and required in all industries, but at the moment only certain industries are being taken on-board.

The new Cleaning, Security and Community Services Portable Long Service Leave is regulated and monitored by the Portable Long Service Authority and for more details, please refer to the link below OR contact us to assist you with registering, lodging and paying your quarterly obligations.

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