Working on Public Holidays

Public Holidays are a great opportunity to reset and spend some valuable time with your friends and family. Often you may go out to lunch or to the shops as a family. Of course to enable you to do this the shops need staff!

Usually Part or Full Time workers who do NOT work on a Public Holiday would receive their Ordinary pay for this day. This is because they would have been working if it wasn’t a Public Holiday. However those employees who actually work on the Public Holiday need to be compensated accordingly.
With so many Awards in Australia, it’s essential that the correct one is recognised for these employees and the right rate is paid. This can be 2x their normal rate or sometimes 2.5x their normal rate – it all depends on their Award.

So for employers and employees – please check your Award rates to make sure staff are compensated correctly for working on a Public Holiday. For more information on finding the correct Award see Fair Work Australia or contact us to discuss further.

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